Wesite as a game clock

Timesqueezer one ( ts1 ) is a software chess and go clock that runs in the browser. To obtain the "pushing the clock" action of a harware chess clock, you simply use the respective keys, a mouse or touchscreen. The website is online since 2008.

Ts1 features

System requirements

Browser with enabled JavaScript

No particulare hardware required


Dependent on the browser, some keys can not be used as pushbuttons.

Browser are frequently revised therefore malfunction can not ruled out by this website. I recommend to perform a functional check in advance to a serious use.

How well does your browser support HTML5? Test here!

Setting the computer intern clock leds to malfunction in ts1 time calulation.

Since computers are in particular not build for used as a chess clock, your hardware meight not capable to withstand hard pushes to the keys. Particular notebook user should keep in mind, not to overstress the keyboard.

The deployment of content on timesqueezer.de is not a recommendation to use it.

Last Update:2013-02-19