timesqueezer one - setup form

To open a cathegory click on cathegory's name.

Time system

Japanese byoyomi
Canadian byoyomi
Fischer Timing
Bronstein Timing
Absolute Timing

Basic time

Time equal for both players
Player left hand side
: : [h:min:sec:]

Player right hand side
: : [h:min:sec:]

Additional time

Quantity of stones

Time credit per period

Quantity of stones

Time credit for the quantity of stones

Time credit per move

: : [h:min:sec:]

No additional time

No time system selected

System options

Output options

Show progressbar
Show timeout
Audio output


German English

Valid pushbuttons



Complete settings

To complete settings you have to select a time system!

After the game clock have been loaded you save your settings in a bookmark.

Last Update:2014-02-05